Who are we?

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Revnnu is a company that provides Marketing and/or Business Development services to organizations globally.


At Revnuu we believe in
the power of untapped human potential.

We are passionate about realizing our client’s visions and goals.

We are driven, passionate and motivated to help organizations become digital leaders in this transformative digital age. Companies that evolve successfully will have a competitive advantage over their competitors ensuring not just survival but unprecedented growth. We take the utmost pleasure and pride in the success of our clients.

We believe in creativity, passion and excellence in what we do.

Our vision and values.

We believe our holistic 360-degree approach to digital marketing and business development will significantly help organisations, entrepreneurs and individuals to go beyond digital.

Corporate values

  • Diversity

    Embracing differences and working together for a positive outcome.

  • Creativity

    Ability to dream, imagine and bring ideas, concepts and dreams to reality.

  • Resilience

    Ability to recover from setbacks, adapt well to change and keep going in the face of adversity.

  • Responsibility

    Being responsible to our employees, partners and clients.

  • Respect

    Respect each other and our fellow human beings. Respect for our communities and respect for our environment.

Revnuu's team.

Tinotenda Chanakira

Tinotenda Chanakira

Chief Executive Officer

Tino founded Revnuu in 2021 after working for over 5 years as the head of marketing and business development at VILT Group, a global IT services, and software company. Tino led the marketing and business development teams in Africa, Iberia, DACH, Asia, and South America. Tino is experienced and has great insight into how global modern-day business development processes are built and implemented.

Priorly, Tino was a professional tennis player who competed internationally and represented the Zimbabwe National team. That same athletic drive and resilience are what he carries at Revnuu as he looks to provide business transformation and modern-day business development expertise to our clients.

Frank Malek

Frank Malek

Executive Advisor

Frank is an experienced executive, entrepreneur, and investor with experience in Research & Development, innovation with product management, business development, and delighting customers' experience.

Frank has had a stellar professional career which has seen him serve as the Vice President of Research & Innovation at Huawei, served as the Vice President of Cloud Product Management at Avaya to name a few of his accomplishments. He is an investor and advisor to numerous leading startups globally.

His comprehensive knowledge of how organizations are built and run is of tremendous value to Revnuu and our clients.

Frank is currently a General Partner at Additio Ventures, which is a leading Venture Capital firm based out of Barcelona, Spain.

Lived and worked on three different continents (NA, Asia & Europe).

Marijana Fofana

Marijana Fofana

Executive Advisor

Marijana Fofana is one of the leading financial managers in the canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Marijana has 30 years of experience in finance. She spent more than 20 years in management positions at one of the largest retail companies in Austria, managing millions of dollars in revenue.

Marijana has experience in accounting (OR and IFRS) and financial controlling, including international financial del credere, international Tax management, international human resources management and payroll.

Marijana has decades of experience in leading and managing employees in a Central European retail group.

She was also a member of the Board of Directors and a member of the International Finance Committee of the Central European retail group.

Marijana is the founder of ON.A Coaching & Consulting, a leading consulting company based in the Canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

She is also a Swiss Coaching Association-accredited corporate trainer.

Her experience and vision make her a remarkable addition to the Revnnu board, and we are privileged to learn and gain insights from her!

  • Isabela Marnoto

    Marketing Ops Manager
  • Lorenzo Delgado

    Head of Web Development
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